Here is some evidence demonstrating the power of good habits (and the effects of not practicing them!). I was shocked, dismayed and became motivated to not let it continue, when I realized that it has been nearly a year (!) since my last blog post. I am still trying to find my way through the mysterious world of online marketing and I hope to have this blog at the center of this journey.

Well, here we are in 2019, as hard as that is to believe, and I am back in the blogosphere. I hope that this time, I am back for good! I will renew my efforts to follow John Thornhill’s “Partnership to Success” model for online success. I am sorry for my long absence — please come and join me on this amazing adventure. I will share what works for me, as well as what doesn’t work for me, throughout 2019. I hope that we can succeed together. Here’s to an amazing year!

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