You may have seen the (what some people consider) classic comedy “Dumb and Dumber.” There is a scene in the movie where Jim Carrey’s character, Lloyd Christmas brags to a girl he is trying to impress that he and his buddy are going to make it big when they finally open up a worm store called “I’ve Got Worms.” I saw that movie many years ago and, like most people, laughed hysterically at that silly scene. Well fast forward to early 2018 and I am sitting here blogging away and am officially announcing to the world that I. am. opening. a. worm. store.

Okay, maybe not a worm store per se, but I have been introduced to the wide, wide world of worms and am amazed about how much demand there is for those wiggling, wriggling little critters. People buy mealworms and superworms and wax worms and other invertebrates to feed to all kinds of animals: reptiles, birds, fish and more. As I take this entrepreneurial journey in the world of sustainability, this low tech, high demand enterprise seems like as good of a place to start as any!

I now have in my possession somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 mid-sized mealworms. I have them housed in oat bran and am currently working out a way to sort them by size, as certain types of animals need small feeders, and other ones larger worms. I’m sure that I will be making all kinds of mistakes as I learn this business. Please feel free to share any tips or tricks if you know any. I’ll share my challenges and successes and, like always, I hope that we can learn and prosper together!

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