A blog post that I wrote earlier today involved a confession. I confessed that I allowed twelve (!) weeks to pass between steps in John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success training. I find that realization rather daunting because I certainly do want to succeed and share that success with others. Of course, the easier path is to do what I did and not make incremental progress each and every day such that immense success is ultimately the result. What happened you may ask. The answer is quite simple. I didn’t establish the necessary habits that I will need to complete this journey and to therefore succeed.

If you have discovered this blog already (unlikely, I realize since it has only just been born!) then I hope you will feel free to comment and give me a little kick in the you know where if you notice that my habits have turned poor once again. I can’t promise that I won’t stumble and fall again, but I can promise you that I am going to attack this challenge with renewed vigor. If you are reading this, please feel free to chime in. I love the fact that John Thornhill calls his program a PARTNERSHIP to success. He is serving as my (and others’) coach and if we model the success-oriented habits and actions, those who do so may very well taste the success he has been living for the past decade and a half. Similarly, I hope that I can serve as a model for others who are just a step or two behind me. Whether you read this post as soon as I post it, or six months from now, or even six years from now, I hope that it can serve as some sort of inspiration that stumbling is OK and even expected. The thing that separates successful people from those who never quite find success is that the successful people get up and keep going no matter how much pain that stumble caused.

Here is to a fruitful partnership. I’ve asked before, but I will ask again, are you on board? I have a feeling that it is going to be quite a ride!

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